Manufacture of bolt connections and supply of fasteners

for oil and gas, petrochemical, energy and urban industry according to international standards: ASME, British Standard, DIN, GOST, etc.; from different types of steel: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy and super alloy, DUPLEX, NCOLOY, INCONEL, etc.

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Threaded rod

Is a type of fastener using to interconnect fittings having smooth or threaded holes. The fastener is a threaded stud at the ends, besides that the pin can be full threaded. The design and dimensions of the studs are standardized.


Is the most popular threaded connecting fastener, which is a metal product of a cylindrical shape with a rolled thread. In this case, the screw-bolt’s thread can be either a standard step, or reduced or increased. 


Is a fixing product for connecting or fixing parts. Currently, there is a large variety of screws, each of which has its own purpose and design differences.

Anchor (Foundation) bolts

Is a fastening product in the form of a rod with a threaded part at one end and a special device that holds the foundation bolt inside the foundation.

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In addition to its own production, our company is actively cooperating with global manufacturers.

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