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The Nord-Lock anti-vibration washer fixes the bolted connection by means of tension, not friction. The system consists of two washers having wedges on one side and radially arranged teeth on the other side. The stop-wedge effect occurs because the wedge angle "α" is greater than the pitch of the thread "β". This reliably ensures the prevention of self-unscrewing of the threaded connection. Washers Nord-Lock are a high quality product. Our page shows only some examples of its successful application in many industries. Also, on the main page you will find valid certificates for many industry standards. 

Washers Nord-Lock are used in such industries as: energy, transport, oil and gas mining, mining and mining, construction and bridge construction, manufacturing and manufacturing, shipbuilding, timber and agriculture, heavy engineering and military industry. The scope of the Nord-Lock washers is constantly expanding, already today they are included in the technical documentation of many international companies. Frequently, when the fastening connections of a device are weakened only after putting it into operation, the Nord-Lock washers are often installed already during maintenance, repair work or major repairs.